Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Stitching Treasures....(324)

 I am late posting today and will be quick. Hubby had hand surgery this morning and, being a typical male, said it was no big deal and he'd just have a splint on his pinky finger for a few days....NOT! There was some slicing and dicing and he has to keep it elevated and iced for 48 hours and not lift anything heavier than a coffee cup...and he thought he was going on a bike ride this weekend......another NOT! He had a nerve block in his right arm, he's right handed, and can't even feel his arm for 18-24 hours. Now that's good from a pain stand point, but he keeps laughing his head off since it feels so strange and he can't even lift his arm. So, I'm his nurse /maid.. and glad to do it!!!

On to my's piece is My Stitching Treasures Box by Jeanette Douglas stitched in 2004. I treated myself to the box when Twisted Threads closed as my "last hurrah". 

Left side

Right side
That's all for today folks; I think I'm in for a couple quiet, stitching days. Thanks or stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 



  1. First of all, I do hope your husband will be feeling better real soon. That stitch on the box is gorgeous and must have taken alot of time. You did a beautiful job as always. The box itself is so pretty. I'm glad you treated yourself, Stasi. RJ

  2. Stasi, your box is gorgeous as is the stitching. How deep is the box? Saying a prayer for a full healing to your husband's hand; hope he behaves himself and allows it to heal. I did have a chuckle about his planned bike ride for the weekend. Thinking of you!

  3. I am glad you are helping your husband do things correctly! ;)
    Your stitching on this piece is really wonderful.

  4. Hope hubby heals quickly--and the pain block doesn't wear off too fast!

  5. Love this piece! I stitched the same piece. Before stitching I was so overwhelmed by it....then I felt like I really accomplished something when I was done.

  6. PS. Hope the hubs recovers well.

  7. What a gorgeous box, Stasi! That must have taken quite some time to finish!

    Sure hope your husband recovers quickly. Mine is a bicyclist too and just goes crazy when he can't bike for any period of time :)

  8. Stasi, I hope your husband isn't in any pain when the nerve block wears off, must be such an odd sensation of no feeling. Hope he is back to bike riding soon.
    I'm glad you treated yourself to the lovely box after completing such a detailed stich with so many color changes.

  9. Good for him for being able to laugh and hopefully he's not making you too crazy. How's he doing till now?

    What a beautiful piece - the design itself is full of treasures and what a treat to have it mounted on that lovely box.