Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Apres Halloween.......(315)

Here is the other pillow I stumbled across in the unpacked moving box; it appears I had used these to "cushion" framed photos and forgotten about them. Up today for the Stroll is Halloween Folio by Shepherd's Bush, stitched in 1995. I did the finishing as shown on the chart but with different fabrics...this was from my 'country' stage with the ruffles!!!

Here's the fabric on the back: 

Last night's stitching got me a little closer to finishing the Blue Band Sampler SAL, but after planting 150 bulbs yesterday, I was pooped! And, I had to enlist the hubby for help! After about a dozen, I had a blister (even with gloves) on my right palm from trying to twist that darn bulb planter tool through 6 " of wet clay!!! Ugh!!! Thankfully, we'll only have to do this once and....those puppies better come up in the spring!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Hope the blister doesn't hinder your stitching, Stasi! Great progress on the Blue Band Sampler! I remember those 'folio' designs from SB. Enjoy your day!

  2. You'll get your pay-off in the spring when those bulbs come up. I am in the process of reworking my front garden, so I'm digging up hundreds of bulbs and will be replanting them along with some new ones I bought. Not happening today though. It's a chilly, rainy day here in Baltimore. Great day for sitting down with a cup of hot tea and my stitching. Blue Band Sampler is looking good. I love band samplers.

  3. I really like the finish on your Shepherd's Bush stitch. Great fabric too. You are getting so close on the is going to be a beauty. RJ

  4. Stasi, I hope you didn't hurt your stitching hand!! I love that you have so many stiches you could forget about one...this is a cute pillow...glad you found it.