Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hello, My Name is.........(334)

...Stasi and today's Stroll piece is my name tag for Guild functions. It is the Sampler Name Pin from Nostalgic Needle. I did mine over one on 40 count linen to go in one of the tin frames from Twisted Threads; that made the finishing quick and easy--just mount on a small piece of foam core, lace, and pop in with some double stick tape! I did have to adapt the original pattern a bit so it fit, but it all worked out just fine!

I realized yesterday I forgot to share an adorable "bee" mug I bought when we went to Jamestown. Now I need another tea mug like, as they say, a hole in the head, but I couldn't resist. It has it's own brewer, a beehive and little bees inside the cup and on the saucer.....and since I love honey in my tea, it was perfect!!!

As for my current stitching, here is where I am on the ABC's de la Brodeuse; I've had trouble putting it down because it's just so fun to work on, but I have to stop now and move on with Christmas stitching. I've decided on the ornaments for the grandkids (I'm being hopeful and doing 4 this year) and have a couple gifts to stitch.

That's it for this fine Sunday! Hope you have a great day and thanks or stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Don't forget to enter my are the details from the 11/22 post..good luck!!! 

"I just realized today is my 500th blog post....330 just this year--wow!!! To celebrate I'm going to have a giveaway. For every comment left between today and November 30th, you can enter to win the framed piece, Out of the Box by The Trilogy; it's tiny and can fit almost anywhere. Or, if you'd rather do some of your own stitching, you can enter to win the chart Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow  by Carriage House Samplings. Just leave a comment and state which item you want a chance to win. You can have one entry per post through the 30th and I will pick the winners on December 1st." 



  1. What a cool teacup set and so you, Stasi! I like your adaptation for your name badge. The ABC piece is looking good. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Your nametag is such a great design! I know what you mean about mugs but clearly you had to have that one - very cool. And you're just zooming through the ABC piece - wow!

  3. Your name tag is spectacular!!! And I love the piece you are working on now...lately I'm very taken by vertical samplers. Just ordered the LHN Winter one, but need to do some Christmas stitching first. Have a great day!

  4. As usual you've out done yourself. Just beautiful work. I didn't know you were working on our bellpull....but amazingly enough I'm right where you are in this picture. However, I've had to go back to Christmas stitching so obviously you are going to finish ahead of me. Just once I'd like to finish before you....not sure why it matters, but just once.

  5. Your name tag is fabulous Stasi. Love how you framed it. Your purchases are could you resist??? Love your newest will be a beauty for sure. RJ

  6. Now I'm convinced you are a fast stitcher, going to put down this piece you have done so much on and stitch 4 ornaments for this Christmas, plus gifts!! I must be the slowest stitcher around...

    I love your tea cup, how could you resist? The name tag is great, I see quite a variety at the EGA meeting I have gone to, I want to make one for myself too, has to be green with a bird!

    Have a great Stitching Week!!!

    1. I keep on forgetting, Hawk Run Christmas!! Appreciate you having the giveaway....

  7. Oh your Sampler Name Pin is just precious. I love it! What a great mug. Perfect for you! Wow! I think you are in for a stitching frenzy! You must work better under pressure? I do understand with ABCs though. It is fantastic!