Friday, November 17, 2017

The Queen Bee.....(325)

First, thanks to all for your well wishes for my hubby. He is doing great this morning after the nerve block wore off over night. He is happy to "feel" his arm again and isn't in much pain. The challenge will be to keep him "down", the hand iced and elevated. ....and do tasks left handed!!!

Before I get to my Stroll piece, I wanted to see what you Project Runway followers thought about last night's finale....I was shocked!!! I won't say more to spoil anything.

On to my's piece is tiny...less than an inch in diameter. I had seen this on Lisa, the Inspired Stitcher's, blog. She had stitched this freebie from Prairie Schooler to go into the Tim Holtz watch. I had found a tiny round necklace at Hobby Lobby and figured if I stitched the piece, over one on 40 count linen, it would fit. I did this in 2014 and have had fun wearing it ever since. I even stitched it a second time for a friend.

 With some down time yesterday, I worked a bit more on the ABC piece.

Errands to run this morning....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Your Queen Bee watch fob necklace is adorable. Your ABC piece is looking good. Glad to hear your husband is doing well; hopefully, you won't have to tie him down.

  2. So glad your husband is doing well. :)
    Love your Queen Bee. And your ABC!!

  3. Glad to hear hubby is doing okay today. Thanks for the shout out. The bee necklace was one of my most favorite pieces I've ever stitched. I'm loving your ABC piece too!

  4. So glad to hear your husband is doing better, Stasi. I love your pocket watch necklace. I have just finished two of them with another stitch and love them. I had not seen this chart and I did not know about Lisa's blog but will check it out now. Your ABC project is coming along wonderfully. RJ

  5. What a marvelous bee! Looks great stitched so tiny and in that fob pendant.

    So nice to hear your husband is doing well - hope he tries to be a good patient and heals quickly.

  6. Stasi, I can tell your husband is a non-complaining patient..lucky for you! I LOVE this bee necklace, what a great idea and I'm impressed that 1 over 40 on a dark fabric was doable! I'm sure you get lots of compliments on it. Your making great progress on the ABC, your getting lots of stitching in while he recuperates! Enjoy your stitchy weekend! Mary

  7. Project Runway.....shocking! Although I think maybe the right person won. At least based on the runway show.