Friday, November 3, 2017

A Checkered Bird....(311)

Today's Stroll piece is an oldie from 1999 called Checkerbird. It was a mini kit from Heart in Hand and came with the small tuckaway pillow. The "pumpkin" fabric was actually black but has faded with time to a purplish hue. I added the cording for hanging.

I heard about a great blog by someone named Priscilla awhile ago and finally got around to checking it out...OMG...the finishing ideas!!! If you haven't checked this out, please will be inspired and wowed!!! Here is a link to her latest blog post with a fabulous display!

We drove my parents home yesterday...a long day but we made good time until we were about an hour from home on the return trip. Then we hit a massive traffic jam on I-95 and it took us almost an hour to go 6 miles.....Argh!!!! So I am catching up today on laundry, grocery shopping etc... and hopefully a little stitching!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Checkered Bird is a cutie. Sorry about your trip home; what a nuisance to be so close and hit a traffic tie-up.

  2. What an adorable little bird. Yes! Priscilla is very talented, I agree. What a bummer about that traffic.

  3. Stasi, I love that darling pillow. The checkered bird is adorable. That is interesting how the fabric changed colors. Sorry about the horrible trip back home. RJ

  4. The checkered bird is darling and the "new" purple color works well with it, I like the faded look. I hope you were the passenger and got an extra hour of stitching in! Priscilla's lsst finish on the window was amazing and she creates the cutest chalkboards seasonally too. Have a great weekend, Mary