Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Little Quaker for Breakfast ..... (333)

Oh, you thought I meant oats!!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself; feeling a little "corny" this morning. No, the Quaker of which I speak is the Quaker Sewing Case by Catherine Theron. This was a class I took in 2007 at Sampler Makers in NJ, but I didn't actually 'finish' it until this past March. I love the colors in this and the bargello.

Hubby and I got out for a "walk off the Thanksgiving goodies"  hike yesterday morning. Upon arriving at our trail, we found this sign waiting for us.

Good thing we had brightly colored jackets!!!

 I'm going to sign off now and eat my daily dose of Quaker oatmeal....yes, I do really eat this for breakfast! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Don't forget to enter my are the details from the 11/22 post..good luck!!! 

"I just realized today is my 500th blog post....330 just this year--wow!!! To celebrate I'm going to have a giveaway. For every comment left between today and November 30th, you can enter to win the framed piece, Out of the Box by The Trilogy; it's tiny and can fit almost anywhere. Or, if you'd rather do some of your own stitching, you can enter to win the chart Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow  by Carriage House Samplings. Just leave a comment and state which item you want a chance to win. You can have one entry per post through the 30th and I will pick the winners on December 1st."



  1. Glad you were decked out in your bright colored jackets although around here yours wouldn't be acceptable, Stasi. It has to be either blaze orange or blaze pink. Love your finished Catherine Theron piece -- its Quaker designs, the colors, and finished product. Enjoy your day!

  2. I enjoy a nice bowl of Quaker oats once in awhile.
    I really love those colors and bargello also.

  3. I love your Quaker sewing case. I wonder if this might be among the charts you are willing to sell, but I'm probably too late. If I were to be entered into the draw and you would post to the UK, then I would love the chance of stitching Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, I don't have any of those charts yet. Shame about the hunting, so cruel.

  4. Glad you were wearing the bright colors, a woman in upstate NY was walking her dog in the dark and killed by a hunter, thought she was a deer! I'm very nervous hiking this time of year.

    Your Quaker case is gorgeous, I love the colors and the bargello. Such a surprise to see Quaker designs on the interior. Do you rotate all your cases for daily use?