Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bee Simple....(319)

Todays Stroll piece is an old Ewe and Eye and Friends that I stitched in 1998. It is called Bee Simple and I like the idea..simplify....simplify....simplify! Life gets too complicated and I like things "chill"! I finished this as a little stand up in the shape of the hive. The wire and bee charm came with the kit. There is also one at the top that didn't show up (I just noticed it and my camera went on the fritz this morning--ugh!!)

 I'm off to a craft show in Richmond after going to one with my daughter, locally, this morning. I love this time of year---lots of events to attend! I do need to find a crafting sister to go with me to these; I miss having someone to ooh and aah with!!! Hope you're finding something fun to do this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. This is very cute. I have never finished in the stand up shape, but want to. :D
    I hope the craft show was a lot of fun. I am exhausted yet once again. Hanging this, hanging that. Sewing Murphy a coat. Sewing a table runner. Whew.

  2. Be Simple is precious and I am with you on simplify. I hope you had a good time at both the craft shows. It sounds like an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.

  3. Oh that is so cute, Stasi! Love it. RJ

  4. That is so sweet Stasi, I love craft shows and we have home tours around here too where people decorate for the holidays and then open up their homes for tours for fundraisers, I love going to them!!