Monday, November 13, 2017

The Blue Band Sampler SAL is DONE .......(321)

Happy dancing going on here...I finished the Blue Band Sampler  SAL yesterday!!!  I will let the photos speak for themselves. Now I have to think about how I'll attach it to the spool/bobbin. I'm noticing that others have attached two spools, one at each end, but I only bought one from Carol, the designer. My thought was to attach the top end, roll the piece, then tie a beautiful ribbon around to hold in place. I'll have to play around and see where I'm lead! To refresh....the piece is 1 yard in length, stitched, over one, on 28 count banding with Needlepaints #2104 and 2102.

 On to my Stroll piece....a real oldie but goodie!!! I had an idea to design my own stitching tote back in 1987. I got some pre-quilted fabric, needlepoint canvas and graph paper. I graphed out the size and 'pocket' placements and set to work stitching a design to attach to the front. I settled in on the Leisure Arts chart I Needle Little Love. Here is my finished product.....30 years later:

Front of tote
Inside of tote with pockets for gadgets---this would fold in half

Inside flap
 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Congrats on the finish--it is lovely--and WHAT and ACCOMPLISHMENT!

  2. Stasi, thrilled to see your blue band sampler finish. It is simply gorgeous. Love your tote bag! Do you still use it? Enjoy your day.

  3. The band sampler is beautiful! Congratulations on the finish.

  4. Congratulations Stasi on finishing the blue band sampler. I love this gorgeous piece. I know it was alot of work but well worth it. Your tote bag is darling...great planning. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  5. Yay! The band sampler is wonderful Stasi! The tote bag is so adorable. :D