Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Another Little "Boo" then Halloween finally ends....(316)

Okay...enough all ready!!!! I discovered yet another forgotten Halloween design...this one from The Trilogy. It's called A Haunted Evening: Boo-Tall Trios and was stitched in 2004. It's not finish-finished...another to put into my to do pile!

Been working in my sewing room some more, getting things organized. I want to get a cutting table for the center, but still had boxes from the move there. Yesterday I was organizing fibers. When I'm finished a project, I pop the leftover threads in this basket and then put them back where they belong when I get around to it. I found this neat hand woven basket at a local craft show back in WV and fell in love!

I got some more done on the BB SAL. Carol gave us a "bonus" chart with the last installment and it is probably equivalent to about 6-7 of the weekly bands. So, this is taking me a bit longer to work through. I'm sure hoping that "curve" is going to relax once I take this off the scroll rods!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. A little Boo is cute. I think it would look good turned into a mini bell pull. What a cool basket you toss your leftover threads in, Stasi! Your Blue Band sampler is looking good.

  2. Oh that Boo is too cute!! I can't wait for the day when I have done so many stitches that I can forget about one!

    That basket could not be more perfect for a sewer/stitcher, great find!

    I'm sure that curve will come out, and here you thought you were at the finish line and she snuck in extra work...

  3. The Blue Band Sampler looks amazing every time you show it. Of course I'm looking forward to seeing the entire thing off the scroll rods, but that's because I'm impatient!

    The Boo chart is adorable. You made me laugh, finding yet another Halloween design.