Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Little Acorn...(320)

I'll start with my Stroll piece today, then share my finds from the craft shows yesterday. Up today is a little freebie from the Cricket Collection called Little Acorn and stitched in 1998. It too is lounging in the "to be finished" pile---would make a cute something or other!!!

 You never know what you're going to find at local church craft shows...usually a lot of 'Ma and Pa' items, but I often find something I "gotta" have. I found these adorable Santa earrings that are hand drawn on heavy weight paper--they are so light and I could have bought a few pairs... but held strong!!! I did buy two tiny bracelets for their buttons (only $1.00 each) and promptly took them apart when I got home.

When you entered this venue, there were two looong tables full of baked goods, the majority a huge selection of Christmas cookies you could pick and choose from. But, again, I held strong......until I sauntered up to a booth with SCONES!!! OMG, we love scones and they looked delicious, so two came home with me for breakfast this morning....they were indeed quite yummy with a dollop of Kerry Gold butter! (We each had half so we could try both flavors)!

 Then I decided to try the Vintage Market in Richmond, hoping I waited long enough to miss the street closures due to the Richmond Marathon. I did NOT!!! I got stuck in a long line of cars waiting for policemen to wave them across the intersection, a couple at a time, between runners/walkers. This happened not once...but I hit the streets the runners were coming and going on!!! I persisted and am glad I did. I didn't buy much but had a great time strolling down memory lane and looking at all the vintage Christmas balls and decorations; it was a lot of fun! Here are the treasures I found: five wooden bobbins, some fun buttons and a great box for the WTNT Summer Schoolhouse series. The couple who sold me the box kept commenting that it held a bottle of wine perfectly, but I kept responding that I had other ideas for it!!! :)

We're off for a hike in Pocahontas State Park....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Have a great Sunday!!!



  1. Oh Stasi, I love your little acorn stitch! Did you some sort of specialty stitch for the acorn's cap? Those Santa earrings are cute as are the buttons. Congratulations on your box find! So, what flavor scones did you buy? Enjoy your hike!

  2. I continue to be amazed as your daily posts. I don't think I could cover half a year with what I have stitched and I certainly would never remember the year. I wasn't into keeping records back then and come to think of it, not now either! I look forward to seeing your pieces each day. Some are trips down memory lane; others new to me. R

  3. Little Acorn is adorable. So are your new Santa earrings!

  4. Your Little Acorn is so sweet. They did a whole bunch of different designs in acorns, didn't they?

    What delightful treasures you found! That little box is lovely, and will show off your Summer Schoolhouse pieces so well.

    Hope the hike went well (clearly you have more energy than I do!)

  5. Stasi I love the little Acorn stitch. I have that saved to put on napkins or napkin rings. Now seeing it, I want to start right away. Love your ear rings...cute, cute, cute!!! Your other finds are fabulous too. I too love good scones. I remember when we were in England everyone stopped whatever they were doing at 2 pm (if I remember right) for scones and tea. Count me in! RJ

  6. I enjoy craft shows and have a few coming up, I try to restrain myself too but sometimes you just can't! Love the earrings, and I would have jumped on those buttons too! I can't wait to see what you do with the spools.

    I buy Kerry Gold butter too but we recently found butter sold locally from the Amish and has even more flavor than the Kerry gold...I love scones too!

    I hope you finish that cute acorn before it's 20th anniversary of existence!! Mary

  7. Some great finds, Stasi! I have a box just like that, but smaller I'm sure because it would not hold a wine bottle. Mine has a tree painted on the front and was a gift from my son and daughter-in-law. The found it at the Wool and Sheep show. I always called my daughter the bag lady because, even as a child, she loved all kinds of bags. I've become the box lady. I can't seem to keep myself from buying various boxes. I, too, love scones. Those look yummy!