Friday, March 31, 2017

The Regal Bee Part III (90)

Well here I am on the last day of March wondering, as I'm sure many of you are, where has the time gone? I feel we were just watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve!!! I'm 90 days in to this Stitch Stroll and still going strong. I have so much more to share; I sure hope it's interesting, and maybe motivating, to you. It has proved to be more work than I anticipated, taking the photos, tracking down the pertinent info, writing the post, etc., but I am enjoying it and considering it a great record of my stitching journey. (My hubby has quickly learned to not engage with me for about 30 minutes every morning) 😉  I think I'll do a giveaway on Day 100, so be sure to stay tuned. So thanks to everyone, especially those who have been sticking with me; I have "miles to go before I sleep".

Now on to today's post, the scissor case and fob from The Regal Bee----gosh I loved this project!!!

Front of Scissor Case and Fob
Backs of Scissor Case and Fob

Some little additions to the set (thanks Paola and Betsy for your contributions)
 So, that's the end of the March Stroll. I've started to unpack and hang some framed pieces, so we will start to see them interspersed with the smalls. I did finish my piece for the FB All About Smalls Spring challenge. Here is Garden Birds by La-D-Da. On a side note, I misread the chart symbols and used the blue floss for the border...should have been the green. I didn't want to rip it out (definitely wouldn't have had enough fiber) so just switched the blue/green throughout. I have to say, I am always disappointed when designers don't allow enough fibers in their kits. I literally had 2 inches of the gold color left after finishing the alphabet. It was a nail biter!!!!



 I also finished the front panel of the Strawberry Sewing Purse by Catherine Theron, one of the classes I took last weekend. It is on 36 count fabric, over one....don't you love the colors? And yes, those are itty bitty bees flitting around!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What lovely bee accessories for your box, Stasi! Congratulations on your smalls finish for FB spring challenge! It is one of the reasons I don't like kits -- not enough threads. The other being the fabric. Good for you on getting the front panel of your project finished! Stay dry and be careful out there today!

  2. Everything in the Regal Bee is so wonderful Stasi. So very pretty! Garden Birds really turned out pretty, even with the floss change. ;) Yes, the front panel of the purse is quite pretty. Love the little bees!

  3. Your post are so inspiring and beautiful stitching. I look forward to it each day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces with us.