Monday, March 20, 2017

Stitch Strolling into Spring (79)

Happy first day of spring! I have to admit I like spring, the longer days, beautiful blue skies and lovely flowers. It's the heat and humidity that follow in the form of "summer"  that I don't appreciate. And I'm afraid summer will come too quickly on the heels of spring here in Richmond. We shall see....there is plenty of stitching/finishing to be done in the confines of my A/C. 

Today's stroll piece is Swirly Spring, part of an older class piece( 1999) by Heart in Hand. I had it finished into a cube with a season on each side and can just "twirl" it to the appropriate season. 

 I spent  both afternoons this weekend working on finishing the Cottage and ....mission accomplished!!! I still have five smalls to do and am going to hold off and share it all at the same time. Oh wait,.... I'm too excited about the cottage to it is in all its glory!!!

Roof Shot


Bottom with Button "feet"

 This was definitely a "challenge" but I pushed on through and am very pleased with the finished product. Now, on to the smalls!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Your Cottage Etui turned out super, Stasi. Way to go on persevering and getting it done! I love Swirly Spring. Enjoy the first day of spring!

  2. Ta da! I knew you would pull it off. The cottage is lovely!

  3. Looks GREAT! makes me want to pull my kit out of the stash and get it done!!!

  4. Awesome job on your cottage. It looks great!

  5. The cottage is an amazing piece - beautiful!