Friday, March 3, 2017

Pretty in Pink (62) and a Little Bit Quaker

Todays post is a sweet Lizzie Kate piece form 2004, Strawberry Scissor Case.  It came as a pre-made case with an insert, that you stitched on, attached to the front. The fob and buttons were also included, but the scissors were supplied by me.

Strawberry Sewing Case by Lizzie Kate

 Now, since I finished the stitching on the Beekeepers Cottage Etui, I went stash diving for a new project to work on. And, of course, the choices are innumerable but I zoned in on an old Catherine Theron class project, Quaker Sewing Case. I took this class back in 2007 with the Samplermakers in NJ, stitched quite a bit, then it got put on the back burner (as so often happens with me).  The bargello portion was done with wools on natural linen and the smalls with Sampler Threads on desert sand linen (it is not showing up well here--much more golden). Here is what I had completed in 2007. 

Back of sewing case

Clockwise: Pinkeep, Scissor Pocket, Name Plate and Needle Case

And here is what I got started last night--the Scissor Minder. The smalls are all done over one on 32 count linen.

 After the scissor minder, I think I only have one more piece to do...a pocket! Then this can go into the ever growing  "finishing" pile!!!

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  1. Sweet strawberry sewing case Stasi! That bargello is so lovely! The over one work is lovely!

  2. Oh Stasi! I stitched that exact scissor case. It's one of my absolute favorites. I found it in a 50% off bin at a shop in New York State when DH and I went on vacation one year. Sweet memories! Love the bargello piece. All her things are just wonderful. Hope you have a super weekend!