Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Milady's Petite Sewing Box (82)

I'm all packed and ready to go..OCMD here I come!!! But before I'm off, here is the stroll piece for today, Milady's Petite Sewing Box by Merry Cox. This was a class I took in 2006. I documented all the places I had lived up to this point on the top and bottom. 

Top of Box

Front of Box

Back of Box

Bottom of Box

Sides of Box

Smalls (front)

Smalls (back)
 So, now my dilemna.......we moved do I document that???

 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Your box and smalls are fabulous. Hmmm, Sharpee? Just kidding! Have a wonderful time at your classes!

  2. What a wonderful set! How about adding a new small, with alittle house and the new move in date? I love this!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Your stitching and finishing are always so precise and lovely. Putting all your home locations on the box is a marvelous idea! Maybe the thing to do is make a complimentary small to tuck into the box (thimble bag?) and add your new location on that? I love this project! Was recently lucky enough to purchase charts on ebay so looking forward to stitching up my own one of these days.

    I have a similar dilemma - finished stitching a piece years ago but have not yet finish-finished it (sigh). Of course it says "Virginia" and now we're in Pennsylvania. Oh well...