Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day (76)

I will be wearing my green today in honor of my Mom's side of the family. Her grandparents, surname of McNamara, were Irish immigrants who both died in the flu pandemic of 1918. Her father, my grandfather, and his three siblings were split up and adopted by three different families. One of the siblings was an infant girl that somehow found my grandfather late in life and they were able to reconnect. Sadly, we don't know the history about that side of the family but I do feel my Irish roots.

 I'm sharing two small Irish related pieces ( I don't recall their exact names) from Lori Birmingham and stitched in 2003. I do remember that they were kits, done on banding  and a quick stitch!


Scissor Fob
 Today I'll be wearing this shirt, which is a little inside joke on my Dad. My maiden name is Codd but my Dad's family traces back to England, a fact of which he is very proud. So we always had some "gentle" ribbing going on between our Irish/English heritage, mainly that the English side came over on the Ark and the Dove and the Irish side on a "potato" boat. So, when I saw this shirt and read that Codd is actually an Irish surname, I had to get it. Tee-hee!!!

 So I hope you'll be wearing your green today; they say everyone is Irish on March 17th!!! We'll be off to Cracker Barrel for an early dinner of corned beef and cabbage for my hubby--me, I can't stand the stuff! :(

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!  Slainte!


  1. Cute finishes there Stasi. Thanks for sharing your family history. So very interesting, but sad too. I am a wee bit of Irish myself. ;)

  2. Love the shirt, Stasi! I enjoyed reading a bit of your family history as well. I am wearing green and sporting a new pair of shamrock socks. Enjoy your weekend!