Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Little More Irish.... (77)

I'm cheating a bit this morning. I'm posting a piece my daughter stitched for me in 1998 (when she was 20). I had already stitched this for my Mom and framed it exactly the same way. Since I don't have access to my Mom's (without a drive to Baltimore) I'm sharing the one I have in my possession. It is Very Victorian Shamrock Sampler by Eileen Bennett and  a lovely sampler it is indeed (said with a bit of an Irish accent)!!!

 I'm moving right along on my challenge piece; it's a quicker stitch than I thought. 

I've also started the finishing on the Beekeeper's Cottage Etui--now that is not going as smoothly/quickly as I'd like. I started with the base, cut all the pieces (using templates provided) from the poster board, started to assemble and they didn't fit. Had to do some calculations, run to Hobby Lobby for more poster board and re-cut the pieces. Then I had to put it down!!!  I'll have to re-check the other pieces I cut out and adjust accordingly. This is something I bought on the second hand market, so I didn't have the opportunity to take the actual class and can see I'm going to have to pull on the knowledge I've amassed from all my finishing classes. :)  Wish me luck!!!

 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 


  1. The Very Victorian Shamrock Sampler is wonderful! Oh boy! I am sure the Beekeeper's Cottage Etui would be driving me nuts.

  2. The Shamrock Sampler is gorgeous, Stasi. Good luck with your construction of the Beekeeper's Cottage Etui!