Friday, May 26, 2023

Home Again, Home Again.....

 We are back from a quick three day trip to visit my parents. They closed on their old house yesterday and we wanted to be there in case there were any snafus...luckily not. They are settling in to their new place....not totally thrilled but getting there. Their agent had her mother paint a watercolor of their house as a thank you gift. I thought that was so sweet..and it's a great rendering!


Before I left I finished this little needle book from the Violets and Verses retreat I attended on line the beginning of the year. I kept it simple...the less is more philosophy.

My in car project, for the last few months, has been this Santa from Brookes Books. I think it's time to bring him in house as I need to add beads and assemble. There are a few more tiny additions I still need to do....he definitely needs a beard!!! LOL

While in the Baltimore area, we visited good friends who we've been trying to see since the first of the year. We had a nice lunch at their house and finally  exchanged our Christmas gifts. And boy was mine worth waiting for!!! They gave me a beautiful...and useful....sewing box. The fabrics are so my colors and there is a plethora of sewing tools inside. It is impeccably made and I'm trying to track down the maker. 

 Hopefully I can share one of the gifts I recently made for a friend soon. I'm still working one one last one.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and kick off to the summer. Please remember our fallen veterans who gave their all for our freedoms. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship. 



  1. Stasi dear ~ The Sewing Santa is a charmer... Best of blessings to your Parents in their new home. That watercolor of their former home is a kind
    and fine remembrance.. Just love the sewing box...when you locate the
    maker, please share that source...How many needlers do you know who
    would want one? Great gift... A blessed Memorial day to all and special
    prayers for those who have made our freedoms possible.

  2. Glad everything went well with the house.
    The house painting is so pretty, what a great gesture.
    Santa is going to be awesome!
    I like the more simple finishes.
    Too much takes away from the actual stitched piece.
    That Etui is gorgeous!

  3. What an amazing sewing box you were given, Stasi! The rendering of your parents' house is a beauty. What a wonderful gift they received! Glad to hear that closing went smoothly and they are settling in.

  4. What a thoughtful gift with the picture of their house! I've thought about stitching our old one, but can't seem to get it together.
    Your needlebook is sweet and I love the Santa so far!
    The sewing box is a treasure, lucky you to receive it.

  5. I thought it is Christmas in July in the stitching world, not in May, Lol!
    What I wonderful stitching box though and such a treasure.

    I can understand how unsettled your parents must be. I big move like that is a lot for anyone to take on, let alone at their age. I'm sure they will come to realise it was the right thing to do, in time.
    Your Santa is coming along nicely and I love the detail in his clothes.