Friday, May 19, 2023

Catching Up.....

 Yesterday was a busy day! We had unexpected guests, my nephew and his family, spend the night Wednesday on their way to the beach. It was a pleasure to have them visit but threw us into a bit of a tail spin. Then we had sports events for both of the and soccer...last evening. luckily they were home games and only 5 minutes from our house.

No stitching to time...but I did manage to squeak in a trip to Hobby Lobby, just to wander the aisles. I haven't really been anywhere except the doctor and my daughters in two weeks. It was nice to enjoy the beautiful day. I did pick up a few items that were on sale.

The boards are about 3 x 4"

Before I got sick in NC, I managed to visit a couple thrift stores with my daughter and picked up a few goodies. I wasn't sure what the first "hoop" was but found out it's for quilting along the edge of a quilt. I was drawn to the fabric AND it was only $4.50.


 A cool pair of spools...about 12" tall.


A pair of spring tension hoops. I've never used these and not sure I'm going to like them. The space between the handles doesn't get tight. Am I missing something???


I wasn't able to attend the grand reopening of Salty Yarns in April, but a friend of mine picked up a few items for me.

Aren't these Salty Yarns M&M's adorable---not sure I can eat them!!!

Last but not least.....a friend sent me this lovely bouquet for Mother's Day. Can you believe it is paper??? It is amazingly realistic! After I got it, I sent one to my Mom!


Thanks to all who commented on my post yesterday and sorry I couldn't respond to those who are "no reply bloggers' or Anonymous. I do appreciate your comments, but sadly have no way to contact you individually.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Your bouquet of hydrangeas is beautiful, Stasi. What a cool gift! You picked up some interesting things. I have used those spring tension hoops before, but have no suggestions about the issue you mentioned. Hope you enjoyed the games and the time with your nephew and his family. Happy Friday!

  2. Great goodies you found.
    Those M&M"s are too cute
    Love the hydrangeas.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Stasi: I love getting to the thrift stores and of course Hobby Lobby is my fav place to visit for home decorations and crafting, they have the best clarence items.
    The quilting hoop is very unusual, I do use tension hoops, I love them, have never had a problem with tension, maybe stretching the metal bar a bit will add tension.
    Looking forward to seeing your next projects.


  4. Forgot to tell you nice new stash, the card does look like real flowers.


  5. Having unexpected company is fun--but still a lot of work :) Like your nephew and his family, my sister and her husband stopped in for one night on their way home from the beach. Lots of cleaning/laundry for one night!

    Love those cards--especially your hydrangea one. My youngest sister sent me a cherry blossom one like that for my birthday, too--they really are special! And the personalized M&M's are always a hit! I got some for my boss's retirement party a while back and they were the talk of the party :) Enjoy your weekend, Stasi--rainy, here, but the coming week looks just perfect! ♥

  6. Surprise visits are nice, but I hope you had a little heads up.
    Nice finds at HL and thrifting and your new stash is nice.
    I'm not sure I'd want to eat the M&Ms either!
    The paper flowers are beautiful, one of my boys gave me a mini vase and I love it.

  7. I don't think I've ever seen a hoop quite that one Stasi and as you say, the fabric is rather interesting.

    You have a very talented friend is all I can say! That flower arrangement is just stunning and I would never have guessed it was made of paper.
    Happy Stitching!