Wednesday, March 15, 2023




I needed something yesterday to distract from my upcoming procedure this morning. So, I dove into my Target jewelry box. I didn't really do too much except pull out the "ring" section and add a fabric covered insert to that section as well as the inside of  the lid. You have to look close to see the tiny bee fabric in the center with pins in it. The HOD piece laid right in the center bottom with just a little smidge of trimming on the sides. 


A lot of the bee items have been gifted to me, so this worked as a great place to keep them. 

Off to my gum surgery....will probably sleep the day away when I return.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Love that Target target does not have them..hope your procedure goes well...I am now totally terrified of dental work after several procedures in 2022.

  2. Your box of bee things is lovely, Stasi. Praying the gum surgery goes smoothly and is successful for you. Thinking of you.

  3. Well you certainly did a fine job of your jewelry box! I am sort of a minimalist. I do not feel the need for one. Even with Annie, Chelsea and Isabel in our group with their boxes. ;) Trust me. They are not the only ones with them either. :)
    I am praying for a smooth surgery my friend.

  4. It's too cute with all of the Bee items.
    I don't have a Target close, so I went to another town, & they didn't have any.
    I guess a lot of people are making them!
    I hope the surgery went well & that you can get some rest.

  5. Your bee jewelry box turned out great, Stasi! You certainly have accumulated a lot of bee accessories through the years (and I know this is just the tip of the iceberg!). Hoping your surgery went well today--it sounds pretty painful. Rest and stitch when you get home ♥

  6. Your little Jewellery box has turned out just perfect, with all your bee accoutrements and fabric. I think I need to see if I can find something like that over here!! Happy Stitching! Sue

  7. Your stitchy box looks great! I looked for one at two of our Targets, but haven't seen them there.
    I know it's BEEn a while, but I hope all went well with your surgery.