Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Stressful End to an Otherwise Wonderful Weekend.....

I started out yesterday for my drive home with little traffic and Father Tim (At Home in Mitford) keeping me company. About 1 1/2 hours in, one of my biggest fears occurred.... a flat tire in the middle of nowhere!!! I pulled over right away and immediately called my hubby, then Road Assistance. After being on hold for about15 minutes, I finally got through and they said someone would be out within the hour. It was freezing cold, so I looked on Google maps and found to car repair places nearby; I called but was told they had no one to help. I got a message from Road Assistance that the first company had cancelled (guess no one wanted to come out in 20 degree weather to change a tire) and they were searching for another. In the mean time, cars are flying by me but NO one stopped! I thought if I started pulling my suitcase and stuff out of the rear someone would see I needed help and stop....NO! Two policeman rode by heading the opposite direction--did not stop! So, by now I had been sitting there an hour and finally heard from RA that someone else was on their way...but another hour. By that time I really had to relieve myself, and I am embarrassed to say this, but I looked up the highway and saw there was no one coming, then opened my two passenger side doors, squatted down between them and let loose. Okay....... you can all stop laughing now but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!! So, now the second guy is calling to say he's not sure he wants to come since it would involve paying the toll for the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel-Bridge and he'll get back to me....never heard back, so now I'm starting to panic thinking I'd never get this fixed and praying that if someone DID stop, they weren't a crazed maniac or serial killer (I knew I didn't have the strength to get the lug nuts off and lift that darn tire). In the meant time my hubby had left Richmond and was driving my way; as I was talking to him a gentleman finally stopped (after sitting there 2 hours) and asked if I needed help. He owned a car repair place nearby and kindly sent someone back to help me. They took off the flat, put on the temporary spare then I followed him to the shop and paid. Whew!!! Then I was informed I shouldn't go over 50-55 mph on that spare; of course to get home I had to travel a major highway with higher speed limits and knew I'd be blown off the road if I kept to 50-55. Rich, my knight in shining armor, to the rescue....he was waiting for me as I came off the tunnel bridge and followed me safely home on back roads he had mapped out. Thanks for letting me get that off my back....a harrowing experience and one I hope never to repeat!!! !!!

So now some more positive sharing....I received a few gifts while down the beach.
Sara gifted me my birthday/Christmas gifts. This is a small kit from Jackie du Plessis..adorable isn't it? Thanks so much Sara!

And Sally gave me a couple treats since I hadn't made it to the CA Weekend in October. Thanks Sal!!

 I did add a little to my stash:

All in all, a great weekend, but very happy to be home!!! Hope you are all safe and sound in your little abodes....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Oh no! Stasi I am stressed just reading of your misadventure. Thank God that man stopped to help you. And Rich. Dear Rich came to the rescue. Whew. Let us hope and pray you NEVER repeat that again!!
    Your gift is absolutely darling!! Pansies are my favorite flower. What is that pattern called, do you know?
    Your stash is wonderful!

  2. How stressful ~ So glad you're okay! That little 'friends count' piece is too adorable and I love your project bags below! Great job!

  3. Sorry that you had to deal with that following your time at OC! I am thankful that someone finally stopped to offer and your knight in shining armor came to the rescue. What nice goodies you received!

  4. That was a nightmare that I hope you never have to experience again. I'm so glad an Angel of Mercy finally stopped to help you. I confess, I laughed out loud over your "letting Loose"!!! I would have done the same! Shame on that police officer for not stopping!! If he was on the way to a job he should have called for another car to respond. That would have made me furious! It's a shame a great weekend had to end on a sour note. Thankfully you got home safe.

    Your gifts were lovely, I adore the little Friends Count stitch!

  5. Thank goodness for a Good Samaritan (finally!) and for your Knight in Shining Armor. What an ordeal! Glad you're safe and home and hopefully you've finally warmed up!

  6. Oh my Stasi thank God you are still here to tell about it. That sounds horrible...a real nightmare. I can't believe no one stopped to help in all that time. And to think the police went by and didn't stop or send someone else to help. You must have been so cold too. I'm so glad you are now home safe and sound after such a terrible experience.

    Glad you had a good time however and you brought home such lovelies. I really, really love the Friends Count. What an adorable stitch. RJ

  7. How absolutely awful for you! So glad that someone finally stopped to help you and that you got home safely with the expert planning of your personal Knight.

  8. Sorry it took so long to get help, sounds just awful!

  9. Oh. My. Goodness! What a nightmare! I'm glad you were finally able to get off that highway. I always have fears of someone running into me if I had to stop on the side of the road, not to mention *who* might stop! I think you got yourself a keeper Knight! Love the stitchy goodness.

  10. So frightening! And girlfriend, I don’t blame you a bit for releasing yourself. Just lucky that was not the very minute someone decided to stop and help!