Thursday, January 18, 2018

Letters, Alphabets......and a Little Strolling...(442-444)

We wound up with 4-5 inches of snow yesterday and managed a little sledding with the grand kids. We have a smallish hill in our neighborhood that was perfect for them. James and Esther really got into the fun and enjoyed riding down the hill...walking back up...not so much!

With all the recent snow, I thought I'd add a few pieces to my Stitch Stroll that are winter themed. This first one suggests a perfect "snow day" experience for stitchers and is called Hibernation Day by Heartstring Samplery, stitched in 2014. I added the buttons at the bottom and framed it myself. You can't tell by the photo but the frame is a soft green with cranberry undertones peeking through--worked perfectly with the piece.

Next is the Winter quarter of Holiday Seasons by Birds of a Feather, stitched in 2003.

Finally, here is Silver and Gold, a small kit from Bent Creek, Stitched in 1999.

Now, on to some current stitching....I finshed week 2 of the Red Band Sampler SAL by iStitch Designs.....
...... and got another row of letter done on Celtic Banner by Butternut Road.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Hope you are warm and safe wherever you are!




  1. What fun stroll pieces you continue to share, Stasi! Your Red Band Sampler is looking good as are the letters of the Butternut Road piece. Stay warm!

  2. Oh what an experience that must have been for James and Esther! How great!
    Your work is lovely Stasi.

  3. Sounds like so much fun with the grandchildren! I love your stroll pieces. The first one is so lovely and I really like the addition of the buttons to that piece. I'm in love with those celtic letters. Do they come in capital letters too? RJ

  4. And you still have more wonderful stroll pieces!!! Hibernation is wonderful, I'm a huge fan of green and cranberry together and the frame is perfect. What great saying on it!!! Yes, I could spend a day in bed curled up with Needle and Thread!
    Quite a new experience for James and Esther! Sounds like a great day for the grands. I wish I enjoyed the snow as much...

    I'm with RJ, I just love those Celtic letters!!

  5. Hibernation Day - so pretty, and what a great thought! Oh, and I love Silver and Gold! Such fun to see your stitches in progress too.

    Glad you got to enjoy some snow time with the grandkids! Wow, you got snow and I didn't! (and I amd *not* complaining!!)

  6. Thank you for sharing these beautiful finishes! I've never seen Hibernation Day—I might need to add it to my list.:) Love the Celtic letters too, looking forward to your progress.

  7. Oh, Hibernation Day is wonderful, Stasi! I had never seen it until lately... several stitchers are doing it on Instagram. Love the colors so much!

    Glad you got a nice amount of snow to make sledding possible :) Sounds like a great day!