Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Heading to the Beach....

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Ocean City, MD for a weekend mini retreat. A few different groups of ladies travel there to attend Salty Yarns Super Bowl Sale and make  weekend of it. We'll stitch, shop, stitch, eat, stitch, sleep and start all over the next day.....hopefully with a stroll on the boards thrown in for good measure. It's a lot of fun ; I'll try to take some photos and post them but I'm not taking my lap top and am not sure how it will work on my tablet. 

Rich and I took a nice winter hike today and it flt so good to get some fresh air and cleanse the lungs! There were lots of downed branches, so we did a little trail maintenance while we were at it.

On the stitching front, I'm up to "T" on the ABC piece....

 ...and cranked out a very quick little Valentine piece last night. It's called Cute as a Button by Needle Bling Designs. I did it on a 28 count mystery linen with GAST Buckeye Scarlet. I kept it on the simple side and just added some red rick-rack trim to some red/white fabrics I had in my stash. I do have to admit that I highly dislike stuffing things; I am NEVER happy with the way they look.....any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated. Granted, I did just use polyfil!! But despite my lack of stuffing skills, I think it turned out pretty darn cute!


I tried Mary and RJ's suggestion to put your opening for stuffing in the back instead of a seam and that worked out great. You can see their comments here: Stitching Friends Forever.

Ignore the bottom edge please..... :)

 Well, that's it...I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Stasi, have a safe journey to OCMD and have an incredible weekend stitching, chatting, shopping and repeat. Your Valentine is adorable.

  2. I love your "cute as a button" heart pillow Stasi. It is as cute as can be. I'm glad you liked our suggestion to close your ornaments and bowl fillers in the back. You had asked if I slit it and I did not have a chance to get back with you. I don't slit the back. I cut the back about an inch longer than the front. Then I cut it in half and stitch the two halves together leaving about a two inch opening. I then press the seam open including the opening. After that I just stitch it shut like any open seam. Hope that helps.

    As far as stuffing, I stuff them real full and I use a pointed stick like the end of a small flag stick to get it in the corners tight. After the corners are packed, I then stuff the rest. I put in a tiny bit at a time but lots of it until I like how it looks. Then I stitch it shut.

    Best part is the finished look for photos shows a nice bottom because the stitched seam is in the back. Have fun!!! RJ

  3. Stasi, your cute as a button is adorable!! Your closure is excellent!!
    I would suggest that you put more stuffing in your ornament next time. I start with the corners and use the pointy edge of a bone folder to push the stuffing in. I take small pieces at a time of Poly fill 100% polyester and keep on adding to the ornament. I also put my iron on steam and cover the stitch with an old pillowcase and press down on the stuffed ornament (not the linen side but the fabric side) and then stuff some more!! I use lots and lots of stuffing!! I also use Craft Fuse Iron on backing on the stitched gives the stitch more substance and I find it looks better when I use that. My ornament is literally bursting at the seams with stuffing when I go to sew it up. I hope this helps.

    Have a fun weekend, I'll be looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing what you purchase at the sale.

    I love your ABC piece!!!

  4. I have prayed you have a safe journey this time Stasi. ABC is looking great! I use fusible web. I close my pieces at the seam and use the ladder stitch to close them.

  5. Lovely progress on your ABC piece, Stasi--that looks like such a fun one to stitch! And your finished Valentine's piece is adorable. I need to get busy and get my February smalls out and on display, don't I? Have a great weekend--sounds wonderful :)

  6. Hope you've gotten to OCMD safely! Sounds like a wonderful weekend you have planned.

    Granted, I was behind reading posts, but it feels like you really zoomed through that section of the ABC.

    I use polyfill when I stuff ornaments and fobs (though I weight the latter with a pair of quarters - it's fun to have at least one from the year I stitch the fob), and the two suggestions I'd offer are to first "shred" the filler and use a small, straight edge screwdriver to gently poke it into place - though I push it a bit harder into corners. Second, use less than it seems like you ought to so you can keep if flatter. Don't know if that helps any...