Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A-Z Finis......

Good morning! We're in the midst of a warm spell here in the Richmond area and back to some walking. Sunday Rich and I did some clean-up along a stretch of road that abuts our local state park. It was a beautiful morning though a little "hairy" as cars rushed by. One lady slowed down and yelled "thank you" out her window and that made our day! Thankfully, we aren't supposed to pick up cigarette butts (of which there was a ton) and I did my own little survey and found that McDonald's customers seem to be the biggest "litterers" followed by beer drinkers....sad! Here we are in our "can't miss us" vests!!! 

I finished the alphabet on Celtic Banner and to give a little perspective, it's 13 inches long. I'll be putting this aside for awhile as I'm waiting on the fibers for the border. I want to get that in place before I do anymore stitching because it'll be a good reference point for the interior section and hopefully lessen any miscounting.

I recently joined a FB page that talks about cross stitch storage and am seeing lots of good ideas. I thought I'd share how I store my DMC threads. I had seen this idea eons ago and rushed right out and bought the Plano fishing tackle box; it has worked wonderfully over the years. I wrap and store the DMC floss in the 3 drawers along with some Kreinik metallics in the bottom drawer. I keep my balls of perle cotton in the top section.

I hope you're having some nice weather where you are and have some free time to put in a stitch...or two. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.



  1. Good for you two cleaning up all that trash! Hard work. Yucky work.
    Still cold here.
    Your storage is compact and interesting.

  2. Stasi, I like your floss storage box. Good for you on helping collect the litter near the state park. At least, you had good weather to do it in. Your Celtic Banner is looking good.

  3. Now that's a slick idea for thread storage! My DMC is bobbinated in a two sided Hotwheels box I got in the toy isle at Wal-Mart. My overdyes and silks are in a deep ArtBin box. It's fun to see how other people store things.

  4. I like that storage idea. I have stored my metallic thread in a very safe place "somewhere". :(

    1. Thanks for stopping by Suzanne, I hope you found your metalics!

  5. Don't you two look cute in your bright uniforms. That is a great service you are doing. Isn't it terrible that people will throw all kinds of junk out their window?

    Love your Celtic pretty. And your storage idea is fantastic! RJ

  6. Shy me yells at people when they throw garbage out their window! I admire you for picking up after these slobs.

    Have I told you how much I love these celtic letters!! LOL...

    Neat storage system. What do you do with your leftover pieces though? Do you wrap them around the plastic holders?

  7. What a neat storage idea! I just use the little hardware drawers for my DMC and don't put it on bobbins. Works very well :)

    Thank you for helping keep our highways clean--that is a huge pet peeve of mine... I hate litter!

  8. Bless the two of you for doing highway trash pickup!

    Your thread storage box is a great idea! I have a stack of those compartmented boxes for DMC and Balger, but all my overdyeds are in flossaway bags in plastic shoeboxes and it's all getting a touch out of control.

  9. (hit "publish" too soon - sorry!)

    Wondered why you dove right into the letters without doing any of the border - thanks for solving the mystery. :)

  10. What an awesome storage idea. Not sure if I ever saw a tackle box that big!