Monday, January 8, 2018

A Little Sewing Session

I'm starting to think my daily blog posts  helped keep me on point with my needlework last year. I feel I'm floundering a bit where my stitching is concerned and not able to decide what I want to work I work on nothing. Hopefully, that will change soon, especially this coming weekend when I head off for a weekend of quiet evening stitching time. I'll pack a passel of projects and go with the flow..... During the days, I'll be helping cut fabric at Salty Yarns for the Camp Wannastitch attendees who will be flocking to Ocean City, MD  for the weekend. It's a lot of fun and very motivating/enabling, so coming at a good time to jump start me!

Cora and I had our little sewing session Saturday and made tops for both her and her American Girl doll, Tenney. Cora helped with pinning, cutting  and sat on my lap while I serged; she picked out the fabric and shirt style. A budding needlewoman perhaps!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Love the last photo of Cora's smile! It looks like she had a good sewing session with Grandma.

  2. I am so impressed. So very cute.

  3. Look at Cora go! Nothing like making/helping to make something special to capture interest.

    Oooh, enjoy your weekend - it sounds delightful! The UPS guy just dropped off my package from the Silver Needle's NYE sale about 20 minutes ago - I'm excited! I'm saving it till after a chore (one I'm not fond of), so it's my reward. (Still can hardly believe I made it from last year's sale to this year's withough any stash enhancement other than thread!)

  4. Oh, that is just the cutest--Cora looks so, so pleased with her new top and that of her American Girl doll. I love that you are passing along your love of needle and thread to a new generation, Stasi :)

  5. Dear Stasi
    The picture of you and Cora stitching and serging together is so sweet .
    Yes, I do believe Cora has the little " needlework bug" in her.
    Have fun in OC❤️

  6. Your little seamstress is very proud of her matching outfits!! I hope you had a great weekend with lots of stitching. Looking forward to hearing about the get together. Yes, you need regular posts to keep you on track and us happy!!

  7. You are such a great grandmother Stasi and the smile on Cora's face says it all. RJ

  8. How adorable and what wonderful memories you are making with Cora!