Monday, September 4, 2017

Good Intentions ....(247)

I am late to the game today......because we had games early this morning! :) Our grandson started his traveling baseball team schedule with two games today; they tied the first and won the second. It was a perfect day for it! Here is a photo of him in his new uniform...such a QT!!!

Between games we ran to JoAnn's and I got the backing/lining fabric for the two stockings. I was disappointed in their Christmas fabric selection but maybe it's not all there yet.

On to my Stroll is a fairly recent piece (2016), Good Intentions by Kathy Barrick. I stitched it on the Lakeside 52/60 count linen, over two, with a full cross stitch. I did change colors up a bit and put a beehive on top of the left stack of spools. I made it into a small pillow, approximately 4X6. I love the quote!!!

I did get more stitched on my Sue Hillis class piece; I saw where someone had done their initials in a different color and I liked that idea. The overall color used is GAST Oatmeal and I used GAST Harvest Basket for the "s" and "b". We received a package of sweet buttons to embellish among the letters when the stitching is complete.

Hubby and I are off tomorrow to OCMD, again! :)  He's hopefully, if weather allows, going deep sea fishing on Wednesday and I'm taking a class with Jackie DuPlessis on Friday. The rest of the time we'll be relaxing on the beach and walking the boardwalk. I'll be taking my lap top and plan to keep up with the blog, if internet allows. 

Hope you're enjoying some Labor Day festivities and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of freindship!



  1. Oh what a cute, cute, cute pillow! Your WIP is lookin' great too. Have a safe, fun trip!

  2. I really like the verse/quote on your stroll piece. Hmmm, I can't say I am surprised with the addition of the beehive, Stasi. Your class piece by Sue Hillis is coming along nicely. I like the use of the darker color for your initials. Enjoy your time in OCMD.

    And, your grandson is a handsome dude!

  3. Cute little guy! Really doing well with your Sue Hillis pre-stitch. I'm on my 15th letter but haven't done any of the border yet. Wish I was going to OC. Enjoy!

  4. I like how you personalized the stitch with the bee hive and love the subtle colors of the Sue Hillis piece. YOur grandson is indeed a QT and nice to hear he is taking up my favorite sport!