Saturday, September 16, 2017

Strawberry House....(259)

The weekend is here and we have visitors, our old neighbors from Bethlehem, PA. We're aiming to get to the local Farmer's Market, a soccer game and a visit to Shyndigz for something yummy. 

Today's Stroll 'show n' tell' was a club piece from Dyeing to Stitch in 2014. It is called Strawberry House by Scarlet House.  I misunderstood the chart and stitched a little motif, that was off to the side on my piece. However, it was meant to be a separate scissor fob...duh!!! So, to balance things a bit, I added buttons across the top and down the right hand side and I love how it turned out! I also stitched the small motif again and sewed to the back of the pillow!

 Hope you all have a great weekend....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. I love how you worked around that little error, I think it's adorable with the buttons. And, I love how motifs from the front add so much to the back of the pillow.. this is a really sweet stitch. Enjoy your visitors...

    PS, I went to Bethlehem last Christmas season for the first time, what a beautiful town!!

  2. Sweet stitch, Stasi! I like the addition of the buttons and I like how you incorporated the small motif on the backside. Love the bird fabric you used as well. Enjoy your time with your friends!

  3. What a cute pattern and a creative fix too.

  4. What a lovely piece - and that little strawberry pot motif looks like it's in exactly the right place.