Monday, September 25, 2017

A Diminutive Sewing Set Part 2 (268)

Strolling today is Part 2 of A Diminutive Sewing Set, by Merry Cox. I've always loved the colors and sweetness of this piece. First up is the tray itself with a thin mattress bottom. There are smaller "trays" on each side, one is a pincushion and one holds a thimble keep and small "fob". My grandmothers were called "Gram" and "Gigi".

The set also includes a petite drawstring bag that holds a rolled up sampler and a scissor. (Okay, so now I'm questioning why I have the Eiffel Tower scissors in there too--I think I'll find them a new home).

Bottom of bag flips down to reveal a needle page
Stitched bottom of bag
Size is 2 X 9 inches

 I'm home now for the next 2 1/2 weeks and need to settle back into my routine; I've missed my nightly "stitch in". I did get one of October's pieces from the Samsarah calendar completed on the trip.

Robin had recently asked for pictures of my display cabinet where I keep my smalls. I'll be posting those tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Just WOW on your finishes! Beautiful!

  2. Stasi, Those are such adorable, dainty little stitchings. As always, you do such beautiful stitching. I am just now getting back into a routine after a few crazy weeks, and it feels fantastic. Happy stitching! Andrea

  3. What stunning and precious 'littles' for your sewing tray, Stasi! This set is an awesome tribute to your grandmothers. Your October piece looks good; I had been wondering if you were able to get another block finished.

  4. Oh the stitching on these pieces are so pretty. I especially love the roses!

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Such sweet little blue(aqua?)birds... always a delight to see such detailed pictures of your excellent work and finishing. (especially so when you're showing a Merry Cox piece as she is probably my favorite designer)

  6. This is such a delicate and lovely set. I really love it and how beautiful your stitching turned out. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  7. Your tray set is beautiful! And that sampler that is rolled inside the bag is amazing! I would have had to frame that alone! Your october piece reminds me to get out my halloween WIP! Off to search!

  8. I'm so glad Robin asked about your smalls cabinet because I was debating if I should or not!! The little bag with the bottom opening to reveal a needle holder is so creative and I couldn't imagine sewing it to perfection like you have.Love the little scissor holder with the dainty bluebird on the pretty flowers. I love it all! This is such a lovely tribute to your grandmothers.