Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Strolling the Boards .....(249)

We made it to Ocean City after seeing the grand kids off on their first day of school and a quick stop in Chincoteague (can't believe we've never been there). We walked the whole boardwalk this morning, all 2.25 miles of it times 2; this helps burn off all the extra calories we ingest while here. LOL

Tickled Cora chose to wear the dress I made her to school

The fishing trip was cancelled this morning for the hubby due to impending bad weather and high seas. So far it's not raining and we plan to hit the beach instead. 

On to the "stitching" Stroll piece for the day, September in the Year of Chalk Series by Hands on Design. I used glow in the dark blending filament for the "lightning bugs". 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Hope the grandkids had a great first day! Nice stroll piece, Stasi! I am sorry the fishing expedition was canceled; enjoy the beach and boardwalk time. It is pouring rain here.

  2. How sweet that Cora wore your dress.♥ Good for you two walking. ;) Cute stitching.

  3. How sweet Cora looks in the dress you made her. And your stitch is so cute too. RJ

  4. Great photo of the grands and I think it's sweet she wore the dress grandma made her! I for one is happy to see summer go but I think the stitch is adorable and I never heard of the glow filament, great idea!