Sunday, September 3, 2017

No Place Like Home .....(246)

Yea!!! I was able to accomplish my stitching goals yesterday..that's what a quiet, rainy afternoon can do for you. :) The stocking for my SIL is done, now on to finding the perfect finishing fabrics. (sorry...too lazy to press)

The band for week 20 in the SAL is also done. 

Now I need to get back to my pre-stitch for the Sue Hillis class in October.

My Stroll piece today is an old Drawn Thread from 1996, No Place Like Home. I do tend towards four seasonal pieces and this is a favorite, especially since it contains houses and an alphabet. It was one of my first pieces on hand-dyed linen though and it has faded a LOT over the years; it was a much richer brown to start.

Hope you all enjoy your own "home sweet homes" this weekend and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Stasi, congratulations on the stocking finish. I can't wait to see it and its mate in finished form. I really like your Home Sweet Home piece. I stitched it in the late 90s or early 00s in an exchange. I really like 4 season pieces.

  2. The stocking is fantastic! No place like home is sweet.

  3. The stocking is beautiful! Do you do your own finishing work on the stockings? I love doing 4 season things, too! I did the Drawn Thread Spot of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. My latest is the Jeannette Douglas Seasons by the Sea. Can't wait to start it.

  4. Your SIL is fortunate to receive such a beautiful stocking, you made fast work of this stitch. Love your 4 season stitch too...

  5. The stocking is wonderful! Such a cool design. Enjoyed the look at No Place Like home (is that a frame or a box lid? beautiful either way) - four season designs are such fun to do, though I'll admit that I normally do fall or winter first and have to push myself to do spring and summer, lol.