Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Down to the Sea ....(248)

After a quick trip to see the grandkids off to their first day of school, I am off to the beach. We're hoping for good weather, but with Irma coming up the coast...who knows!!! We'll take what we can get and be happy!

Today's Stroll piece involves the sea and sailors and love. It is Scrim Busk by Eventide Designs and stitched in 2010. I actually did four of these  and gave three away as gifts. The original piece was designed as a bookmark but I made it into a pocket to hold a reproduction busk. Sailors would make these busks while at sea for their loved ones out of whale bone. They would do the scrim work by finely carving into the bone and then rubbing ink/dye over the surface; this would absorb into the "recessed" areas and create the design. I was fortunate to take a class with Marcy Wharton to learn about this art and try my hand at it; it definitely takes a skill set that I do not possess!!! :) I treasure all my scrim pieces from Marcy and truly appreciate the workmanship. Having said that, the busk featured in the photo was not made by Marcy but available for purchase commercially.

 Here is a photo of my feeble attempts at scrimshaw!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 



  1. What a cool piece and story to go with it. So is that real whale bone you carved into?

  2. Stasi, I hope the grandkids have a wonderful school year. What a lovely set you created and wonderful memories!

  3. Very, very pretty! I especially like the ship at the top. Very nicely done. I must say I don't have the skill set to do scrimshaw either. Yours is way better than mine!

  4. I loved that class but I never got back to working on the ivory blanks that I got from Marcy. Maybe now I'll do it....!

  5. Your brave to attempt the scrim work and you did quite well. I tend to think it's a dying art form. Such a pretty stitch too! Love the ship on it.