Sunday, September 10, 2017

Alphabet Needle Book...(253)

I spent the day on the beach yesterday, a little on the chilly side, but still so relaxing. Worked a bit on my Samsarah calendar, but mainly sat mesmerized by the ocean. The waves were huge in the AM..... lots of whitewater spewed up! By afternoon and low tide, the waves had calmed down a bit. 

I wanted to show you our dessert from last evening. We got carry out from a place called Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli; everything seems to be super sized there. Here is the eclair we got and trust me, it is humongous and is touted as weighing a pound. I measured it.....7X4X2 inches! Perfect to share with 4-5 friends!!!

 Something else I had forgotten to share was this idea for inserting the "lizard litter" filler into pin cushions. This is a sugar dispenser we found at the Williamsburg Pottery.... and I have to give credit where credit is hubby saw these and suggested them for this use. The spout fits into your opening and you can pour the filler into a small opening.

On to my Stroll piece of the day..... Alphabet Needle Book by Hillside Samplings. I stitched this back in 2006; sadly Leslie has retired and is no longer designing. I'm pretty sure this was a kit but think I added the button flower on my own...but you can't hold me to that! :)

Presentation Bag



 One more day in paradise......thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Your bag and needlework book are precious, Stasi. What a neat idea with the sugar dispenser; I know a few people who would love it! Enjoy your last day in OCMD.

  2. ooOoo! What an eclair! :D Great stroll piece.

  3. That eclair looks incredible! Your needle book turned out lovely, beautiful finish!

  4. That's one major ├ęclair! I stitched this one too. You are right, it had been a kit. I found the chart on a freebie table and stitched mine in shades of pink and rose. It's one of my most favorite pieces.