Friday, May 19, 2017

A Mermaids Tale/Tail.......(139)

And another Friday is upon us--we have a number of baseball games this weekend for my grandson and.......hopefully some finishing!

The sleeping on our porch has been interesting...there are a LOT of weird animals that go bump in the night. It's been taking awhile to adjust to all the odd sounds, but they all seem to 'shut down' around 11:30, like a switch was turned off!!! I am amazed at how comfy the air mattress is! Alas, we dismantled this morning due to impending thunderstorms tonight. 

Today's Stroll piece is a Sherri Jones class I took in 2014 called The Mermaid's Two Tales. I'm sharing the main purse today and the smalls tomorrow. This was such a wonderful class and Sherri gave us some background on mermaids and the symbolism of their split tail.....something to do with houses of ill it for fun!




Interior with thread winders that are under pinkeep flap

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!  Oh, and we have a bluebird nesting already in our birdhouse!!!



  1. Stasi,

    Beautiful finish! Again! I still have this one in the same state it was in when brought it home from class. One of these days!

  2. Staci: I took this class from Sherri years is languishing in a WIP Pile...Maybe this is the motivation for me to take it out and work on it!

    1. Get on it girl---not like you haven't been busy stitching! :)
      Thanks again for the lovely VGN tray piece!

  3. Oh how fantastic! You did a fine job here Stasi.
    How fun it will be to watch your new bluebird family. :D

  4. Very cool stroll piece, Stasi! I am excited to hear about your bluebird house being occupied. Enjoy your Friday!

  5. What a beautiful design and finish!

  6. What a lovely piece and beautiful finishing! Never seen this design before and I really like the fish and the ship and that the two mermaids are different.

    Have to admit that your mention of sleeping on the porch worried me. Though my uncles and cousins used to do that, I lived in the DC suburbs till about five years ago, and one would NEVER consider doing that there! Glad you enjoyed. :)