Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cottage Garden Needleroll.....(122)

Got my first sniff of honeysuckle this morning during a walk through our neighborhood -- one of my favorite scents. We had honeysuckle growing all along the fence at my childhood home....did you ever pull out the stamen and place that luscious drop of nectar on your tongue?

My Stroll piece today was a class from Bright Needle that I took in 2004 in Louisville, KY. It was sponsored by the shop The Finishing Touch--shout out to Saundra and Carol!!! What I remember most about that trip was my friend and I discovered ants swarming in the dresser drawers at the hotel after we had settled in for the night. We didn't think we could sleep knowing we were sharing our room with all those teeny critters and called the front desk.  Thankfully they moved us to another room and, since we were ready for bed, we marched through the lobby in our PJ's lugging all our paraphernalia. I giggle whenever I think of this!
Oops...back to the task at hand. This piece is called  Cottage Garden Needleroll and consists of a circular needle roll and scissor case.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 



  1. Lovely needleroll and very unique with its circular shape! What a fun memory about the hotel, ants, and pj walking through the lobby to the new room!

  2. Oh what a clever design. And the flowers are unique and pretty.

  3. What a pretty piece! I love the unique shape and the design--wish the Brightneedle people were still designing. And I love the story about the lobby tour in PJ's--although not the reason why! YUCH!

  4. Really lovely piece. Very much in the style of Brightneedle which I love! Still lurking out here when I have time-thanks for sharing all your pretties!

  5. I wish Brightneedle was still designing, too. There designs are so delicate.