Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hand in Hand....... (145)

Up today is a design from Sisters and Best Friends called Hand in Hand...Heart to Heart. I stitched this in 1998 and it was a freebie chart utilizing a small knit/crocheted glove. 

The other week we went to a flea market and I found this item I thought would be perfect for adding crushed walnut shells to my is!! I'm just curious if this is the original lid or if someone soldered the funnel tip to the lid. Seems weird a company would cover up their name, but perhaps there was a label too. I tried to google but didn't come up with anything since I can't read the name. Anybody has any ideas, please let me know.

My gifts are all stitched and so I've moved back to my stitching. The last couple nights I've been working on Threads that Bind.  Again I have run out of thread on a kit--so frustrating!!! I am very careful with my threads, especially from a kit, for this very reason. Luckily I had a red that matched well....hopefully I'll squeak through with the rest of the fibers.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Threads that Bind looks good. What a darling stroll piece you shared! I like the glove. Hmmm, I am guessing the "tubing" was soldiered on the lid. I like how you are reusing it, Stasi.

  2. I agree, it looks soldered on. The original lettering was Hartz Mountain Bird Foods.

  3. It's not just you....I, too, have been stitching this same piece and have run out of threads - so far, the red, the brown and one of the green colors!

    1. That's too bad! These kits are not inexpensive and you should get enough thread to safely stitch the entire piece...and a little cushion...IMHO. I'm going to run out of one of the greens too at this point--hopefully I have something close.

  4. Hi Stasi! I love your little hand in hand stitch and really am enjoying how Threads that Bind is coming along. Did you not show a little spool with thread and flowers that was threads that bind also...are there different sections? I agree with the other girls that it looks soldered on but it is very neat and you are making great use of it. RJ