Monday, May 22, 2017

A Stroll Finish...... Mexican Reticule Part 1 (141)

Soooooo, yesterday I put the proverbial 'cart before the horse' and posted Part 2 of the Mexican Reticule before I posted Part 1 (that's what I get for trying to be organized and typing up my post early knowing I would be short on time this weekend). I'm surprised no one noticed my mishap, or perhaps you are all too polite to point it out. Sooooo, here is the post that should have appeared yesterday:

  I had a good finishing session on Friday and completed some outstanding projects. Today, for my Stitch Stroll piece, I'm going to share Maria Katarin's Mexican Retcule. This was a class I took last June with Betsy Morgan; I was hoping to get it finished to take this year for show 'n tell in June. Definitely not my usual color palette but I love the bright colors and interesting stitches/patterns on the back. I'll be sharing the smalls tomorrow, but here is the main piece.


Under flap


Aztec Stitch
 Isn't this stitch intriguing? It's much easier than it appears and we got to do a trial run before we attempted it on the real thing. There is a piece of pink dupioni silk behind it. My one regret with this piece is that I didn't put more interfacing in it to give it more body---it's a little "wimpy". But hey, it's only going to lay in my display case anyway!!!

 Betsy is a fabulous teacher, so if you ever get the opportunity to take a class with her, don't let it pass you by. I'm counting the days until June when I take my next two classes with her. 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 



  1. Beautiful!! That cutwork(?) stitch looks so tricky (and my puzzle-loving brain has me scrutinizing the photo). It's hard to decide about whether or not to use interfacing....