Monday, May 15, 2017

Strolling through May (135)

Today's Stroll piece is May from the Year in Chalk Series by Hands on Design. I so enjoyed this series, and gifted the entire group to my daughter for her birthday last year. She displays them by changing out monthly (via Velcro) on this easel frame I found. 



I finished week 4 of the Blue Band SAL.

I received some nice gift for Mother's Day. My hubby gave me a blue bird house. Our neighbors have one and I had seen a bluebird fly into it recently. Now I am NOT a big bird lover, but I do like bluebirds so I'm hoping we'll have a little family move in.

My daughter gave me a new 31 rectangular tote bag; the web strap on my old one broke ( I have since repaired it) so now I have two. These are perfect for when I'm traveling to my classes in OCMD for my stitching supplies, food, etc.. Then my SIL told my daughter and I to pick a show at the Altria theater to attend.... on him. Dirty Dancing is coming next March and I think that may be the winner!!! I think that was such a sweet and thoughtful daughter and I bought season tickets to the Broadway series in Cincinnati for a couple years and I've missed that!

Thanks for stopping by an your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. I think we should all plant seeds of joy!! :D
    My! You DID have a good Mother's Day. Good for you Stasi!

  2. I hope bluebirds find the house. The May year in chalk was one of my favorites to stitch. It sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day.