Sunday, April 16, 2023

Checking In......


Greetings! Thanks for all the well wishes about my parent's move. We have been home since Tuesday but head back to MD this afternoon for a couple days. My parents are moved and settling in. So far, so good! My niece's brother and Dad moved all the large/heavy furniture and took items to the dump. We made trips to Goodwill, the dump and their new place. Thank goodness for my one brother and his wife; we are a good team. Sadly, my other two siblings haven't been able to help much! :(

I have been tired and recuperating this week and have managed to get some stitching done. First up is my 1997 PS Santa. I love his little blocks spelling out 'Christmas".

Next I worked on Samplings No.1  by With Thy Needle and Thread. I felt like something 'Easter-y', since I didn't have much of an Easter with the move. I'll be ready for next year!


Lastly, I started  Be a Friend  by Needlework Press. I'm doing it over one on 29 ct. Glenshee linen with Vikki Clayton silks. I love Glenshee linen and am sad it isn't available anymore. This 29 ct. is perfect for over one!!!

 I follow Scrap RVA on FB and IG and they showed a bunch of cigar boxes on Friday. I've been thinking about one for the Linda Vinson project

 Arcaded Pansy Pyn Pillow - Cross Stitch Pattern

  and drove up to check them out. Here is what I got for me and a few friends:

I think I'm picking the green one with the buffalo for me.

 I love their new sticker and have to find a spot for it!

I will end with my boon from my parents move....their old china cabinet....perfect for a smalls expansion!!! I've been waiting a while for this!!!

My old cabinet with a little space relief.

My new cabinet pretty much filled to the gills!!!

 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Have a great week!




  1. Glad you had help with the move.
    Great projects!
    Love the cigar boxes.
    The cabinet is gorgeous!

  2. What a wonderful post to read this morning, Stasi! Glad to hear that your parents are moved and settling in to their new place. Love your new cabinet and it looks fabulous with all your needlework pieces. Your PS Santa finish is darling as is the Easter-y piece you stitched. Maybe Glenshee will make a return; I wouldn't rule it out since Linda fabric has made a return after all these years. Enjoy your week!

  3. Greetings Stasi: I am happy to hear that the move went well, the cabinet is beautiful, perfect for your smalls.
    Santa is adorable, I have this design and hope to stitch it soon.
    I am looking forward to seeing your cigar box finish I have a few of them and would like to see someone's
    finished before I do mine.


  4. I'm glad to see you were able to get some stitching time as you recovered from moving your parents, Stasi. And now you're back up there again to deal with the house. I'm sorry your siblings aren't helping much. That must be so frustrating. Are you the oldest child? I'm so glad you got the new cabinet and am amazed at how filled up it is already. I'm sure it's nice to have things spread out a bit more so you can truly admire all you've made and been given over the years. Take care now and best of luck with your parents' house ♥

  5. It sounds like you've had a full on few weeks but I'm pleased that you found some time to stitch too. Your new cabinet is beautiful and perfect for all your smalls. Happy Stitching! Sue