Thursday, July 13, 2017

Up for a Bar-B-Q? ......(194)


Strolling through summer with A Year in Chalk-July by Hands on Design. I don't have a photo of the finished piece and it resides at my daughter's house. I did this series for her birthday last year and she changes them out every month. This was a fun set to do and I'm glad she is enjoying it.

We're just starting up our grilling this summer; we had to get a new grill after our move. Bring on the burgers, steaks and salmon! Our son-in-law cooked us some corn on the cob on the grill Memorial Day and we're anxious to try that out too! 

Okay, so I had to break down and start the Summer Schoolhouse-Lessons in Abecedarian #1.  I'm doing it, over one (as called for), on 28 count lambswool (I had a big enough piece on hand) and substituting fibers from The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I had bought a set of her primitive colors and have been saving them for the perfect project.....I think I found it!!! Not much excitement too far as I started on the tan house!

I promised a finish today and here it is! I stitched this for the challenge at All About Smalls on FB. Deadline was the end of July, so I wanted to push it through. It is a freebie chart from Hands on Design called To the Beach. I finished it as a tin topper after seeing Lisa's version at The Inspired Stitcher. If you want to check out hers, here's a link:    It is stitched on a 40 count mystery linen over two. I changed the threads to use ones from my stash and added "whitecaps" to the waves. I also added the whale charm and seashell counting pin. The stitched piece is glued onto the lid and some tiny cording, also glued, around the perimeter.

I had the perfect fabric to line the bottom and cushion my scissors, and put a piece of magnetic sheeting in the top to hold needles.

I used the decorative tape you find in the scrapbooking aisles to cover the edge of the Altoid box. 

And there you have it!!! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Keep cool.....upper 90's here today with heat index of 105!!!!!!!



  1. Very cool tin, Stasi! Congratulations on getting your smalls challenge piece finished! You are off to a good start on the WTNT piece. I know your daughter must be enjoying the stroll piece you shared. Now, get that grill fired up!

  2. I love your July chalkboard, and nothing screams summer like a good ole BBQ! Grilling season is here, of course in my neck of the woods where the only season is hot, we grill all year long lol.
    I'm looking forward to watching everyone's progress on Schoolhouse Lessons, your start makes me think hmmm maybe, but 1x1 yikes! Your start is great!
    I love your finish, and how you made the stitch your own by adding the white caps...the way you finished the Altoid tin is brilliant, Stasi.
    Great post ♥️
    Have a good day and stay cool in that heat!

  3. What a cute way to finish the beach piece... you and Lisa have the best ideas! As for the Abecedarian piece... I haven't started mine yet... I needed a smaller q snap which came in the mail yesterday but right now I'm engrossed in my Vintage Bird piece... soooo many things I want to stitch! is so steamy out there... it poured rain this morning and it is a sauna when you open the door... summer in the Midwest... can't beat it...LOL!

  4. What a great idea to use the washi tape to cover the side of the altoid box, the stitch is adorable. Thanks for the link. The chalkboard series looks to be a fun one too! Stay cool! Mary and RJ

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad I could inspire you. It's a sweet design.