Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Shared Stitches.....(186)

 Hope you enjoyed your holiday yesterday. Hubby and I went to see The Mummy in a nice cool movie theater. Not a big fan of Tom Cruise, but he still looks pretty darn buff!

Today's Stroll piece was from a retreat I attended that was hosted by In Stitches in Alexandria, VA. It was a month after 9/11 and a pretty tense time for flying and being so close to DC.  It was the first time I ever saw soldiers with guns patrolling the airports and security guards randomly "wanding" people to see if they were hiding weapons. Pretty scary and the start of 'not so fun' travel times. But, you can't keep a dogged stitcher down and my friends and I from Cincinnati were determined to go..... and go we did! 

This was an extra little class called Shared Stitches. The Shepherd's Bush ladies did the designing and Merry Cox the finishing instructions. I think Shepherd's Bush may have released this later as a kit, but don't know what they called it. 

I got another band, and a bit more, on the stocking completed; it's an enjoyable stitch!

That's it for today; I have a busy day getting ready for some visiting friends.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Nice progress with the latest bands on the stocking! What a cool flag piece you created from that retreat you attended, Stasi! I wish you a fun time with your visiting friends.

  2. Love the little flag piece! I know exactly what you mean about traveling during that time period. I flew a month after the tragedy to Williamsburg for a quilt related conference. It was so unnerving to see the soldiers with machine guns in the airport and the fighter jets constantly flying maneuvers overhead once I got there. It also didn't help the tension in the air with CNN blaring on every TV in the terminal. Traveling changed forever that's for certain.