Saturday, July 15, 2017

I am a Stitcher.....(196)

Today's Stroll piece pretty much sums up my love for stitching and I will let it speak for itself. 

This is called I am a Stitcher by Cherrywood Designs, stitched in 2012. I did change the colors up ....again, I'm trying to stitch from stash as much as I can, and added a couple related charms--scissors and a sewing basket. It's difficult to see from the photo but I stitched this on overdyed 28 count gingham check fabric---to be honest it's hard to tell in person! 

I spent some time this week organizing/thinning my sewing room. I came across this cute little "person" who is also is a stitcher. Her name is Juliet Valentine and she's a Lizzie Hi doll. I used to collect these dolls when I lived in PA, even "dressed" them for awhile to earn some extra spending money. When we moved last September I donated all the dolls to Goodwill...except this one...for obvious reasons.

 Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by with your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a neat cross stitch pattern that is! I had never seen that before. Cute doll.

  2. Your Lizzie High doll is darling, Stasi. I really love the "I am a Stitcher" piece.

    Enjoy your day! Stay cool and hydrated!

  3. "I Am A Stitcher" is beautiful, and indeed speaks for us all. What a treasure, as is your Lizzie Hi doll. I love them both! Isn't it funny how we "Bloom where we are planted?" When we lived in Texas I began collecting Star shaped goodies, and when we lived in CT I collected colonial goodies, and now that we live in CA, I'm all about Cactus goodies...the one thing that hasn't varied is my love for Fiestaware, which has moved three times with me...but I totally digressed :)
    Have a great weekend

  4. What a lovely sentiment on your "I am a Stitcher." Your doll is very sweet, the accessories are adorable and how fortunate for the people that shopped at Goodwill after your very generous donation!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mary & RJ