Monday, July 24, 2017

Blue Santa......(205)

Today's Stroll piece is the Santa from Cinnamon Stick Christmas XI by Homespun Elegance. I did this for my parents in 1997. I've always loved this whole series and hoped to get more of the Santa's stitched, but this is the only one that came to fruition. He stands about 18" high and was stitched on 10 count Tula fabric.

 I did get the stocking completed over the weekend and  got my daughter's seal of approval. It is the Victorian Christmas Stocking by Rosewood Manor. I stitched in Anchor floss on 32 count White Chocolate linen; I really like this color fabric.

Now I hope you enjoy this little tale I have for you. The guy my hubby works for had given us a very generous gift certificate to Ruth's Chris for my hubby covering for him while he went on vacation with his family. We decided to use it for our anniversary celebration and had a fabulous experience....excellent food and service in a lovely historical home!

 But it was the story concerning the history of their setting that made me chuckle. I was expecting a lovely saga fraught with local history and lore......instead, we got the story line for a movie of the week! I'll try to give  a short version!

The original house was built in 1732 and at some point was bought by a Frenchman. When he came he was looking for a bride and asked for the hand of 14 year old girl. They were married and he came home one day and found her in an indelicate position with her old boyfriend. Outraged he asked for a divorce. The girl's father, angered at the divorce request went and killed the Frenchman and was later hanged. The girl, sine the divorce had not happened, inherited the house and property. She married her boyfriend and they went to abide there. Two weeks after her father's hanging she fell down the steps and died. There are two accounts of the cause of her is that she broke her neck and the other.....okay here it that she tripped over her sewing basket and her scissors punctured her heart!!! Certainly a sad tale, but I do have to admit to a chuckle!!! They say she and the Frenchman haunt the gardens behind the house to this day!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

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  1. I love your Santa, what a fun heirloom...he makes me smile.
    Your stocking is gorgeous, Stasi, and I love the floss against the White Chocolate linen...soon to be another treasured heirloom.
    I love the story of the house! I bet she still haunts the gardens, we stitchers are a tough bunch! LOL. Seriously, though, it sounded like a wonderful Anniversary celebration, and yummy too.
    Have a great day

  2. Congratulations on getting the stocking finished, Stasi! It is a beauty. Your HE Santa is a cutie; he makes me smile. Your meal out sounded lovely; I enjoyed the story of the house. Very interesting!

  3. Oh that Santa! Love him!! Your daughter's stocking is just lovely. What a story.

  4. Noel! What a story. I guess we better be careful with our scissors. Love the stocking, Stasi! It's lovely. I just discovered the White Chocolate linen recently, and really like the color.

  5. Noel! What a story. I guess we better be careful with our scissors. Love the stocking, Stasi! It's lovely. I just discovered the White Chocolate linen recently, and really like the color.

  6. The Santa is delightful! Congrats on finishing your daughter's stocking - so pretty.

    Interesting story behind the restaurant location - it certainly does sound like a tv movie plot. Guess we'd all better make sure we keep a sheath on our scissors!

  7. Stasi ... that was quite a tale. It would make a great mini series. Your stocking turned out beautiful and I know your daughter will love it. I really love your Santa. Can I ask where you bought the fabric to stitch it on? RJ