Sunday, July 2, 2017

Americana Needleroll.... (183)

Today's Stroll piece is Americana Needleroll by Shepherd's Bush, stitched in 2002. You will start to see a pattern here, in that a lot of these USA/flag pieces were stitched in 2001-2002. There was a plethora of patriotic designs that came out after 9-11...understandably so...but I also had an Americana themed master bedroom and bath at the time. These needlerolls are always a quick and fun stitch!

 I did pull out a patriotic piece to work on, Flag Needlekeep by Jeanette Douglas. This was a little mini kit that came with GAST wool fibers. It also came with embellishments and felted wool; I only needed to supply the linen, which is a 32 count mystery linen from my stash. Aiming to get it done by the 4th!

Hope you are enjoying a long holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Sweet needleroll, Stasi! I really like your current patriotic project. How do you like working with the GAST wool? Enjoy your day!

  2. What a cute needleroll. Oh the project you are stitching up is super!

  3. Love your needleroll Stasi! It is so lovely. Have you stitched many
    Shepherd's Bush pieces? I'm off to visit them in about three weeks...I'm getting excited. We leave tomorrow because we postponed a day. I'm getting real excited as I can't wait to see our son. Have a lovely 4th. RJ

  4. Stasi, I love your needleroll, I asked RJ to bring me back one from SB to stitch, I'm looking forward to it after seeing how nice yours came out. Have you done many of the SB patterns? Have a safe and happy 4th! Mary