Sunday, February 19, 2017

Q is for........ (49) and R is for...... (50)

Sorry I missed yesterday but we had an early start to take my parents home to Baltimore and a commitment in the afternoon. It was a long day and we made the trip up and back in one day. But after an energizing walk this morning in Pocahontas State Park, I'm ready to get moving and combining two posts today. 

Up first is Q is for.......

Q is for......

I had a short foray into quilting back in the late 1980's. There was a lady in Bethlehem, PA that taught quilting at her house. My first class was a pillow, all hand pieced and quilted.

My next, and final class, was a Star of Bethlehem quilt (quite appropriate as I was living in Bethlehem at the time). This is a 42" square and, again, hand pieced and quilted.

I am always so tempted by quilting, but have fought the urge for years. I have too much stitching to accomplish and, even though I do have a nice stash of fat quarters, I don't want to start "collecting" fabric. I get most of my quilt enjoyment from a friend's blog, The Polka Dot Chicken. Carol makes crazy, wild, jubilant quilts that always put a smile on my face.

Now on to R is for.....

R is for......

We had a nice day on Friday with my parents in Deltaville, VA. They had an oyster museum which was very nice; they even gave us goodie bags with tee shirts! We followed that with lunch at The Table ( a great little find) where hubby had an oyster po-boy. Me, I stuck with egg salad...not a fan of oysters!

 Enjoy your Sunday and holiday tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Oh Stasi, your quilting is great! Love it! Your little pillows are sweet. And so is the picture of you and your parents. Beautiful.♥

  2. What beautiful quilting projects you shared! Both Q and R pillows are darling. I'm not a big fan of oysters especially if they aren't totally cooked.

  3. You are right to be careful about quilting. Would you believe I worked in a fabric store for a while shortly after a couple friends had lured me into a quilt guild? Oh dear.... Now I tend to swing back and forth between quilting and stitching, but having TWO stashes occasionally infuriates Wonderful Husband, LOL.

    Your Star of Bethlehem is quite lovely - congratulations on doing it all by hand! (I'm definitely a rotary cut, machine stitch type of gal)