Monday, February 13, 2017

M is for ........ (44)

Today, I could possibly use one of these, it's so windy!!! But yesterday, in Richmond, it was 81! Happily, I was in Baltimore where it was cooler. Here's today's stroll piece:

M is for..............
 We're back home from Baltimore with my parents for the week. While in Balto., my brother gifted me with this mug. He saw it on FB and thought of me--how sweet he is!!! I was at the Beatles concert September 24, 1964 (still can't believe my parents let me go at the ripe old age of 12). But it was a fateful situation. My girlfriends brother decided not to go at the last minute and gave me his ticket (I'm afraid he's probably regretted that every day since) and off we went on the bus to the Civic Center in downtown Baltimore. I can still recall the high levels of excitement emanating off thousands of teenage girls..... and some mothers! Oh, and the screaming---it was like the Ed Sullivan Show super sized!!! Definitely one of the best days of my life!!! So I will treasure this mug as I treasure the memories of that "Fab-Four-lous" day.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Beatles forever!!!!


  1. Yes, still windy and plenty cold up here. 81ยบ!!!
    Thanks for sharing your story. How cool!

  2. No need for mittens here. The pillow is darling. What an interesting story about the concert!

  3. What a fun memory and a really thoughtful brother! Happy Valentine's Day!