Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Few Finishes and a New Start

Well, we survived the 4 days with the grand kiddies with nary an issue.We hung around the house for 2 days and played games and watched videos. One day we went to Baltimore to spend the day with the great grandparents. The boys went to the B&O train museum and Fort McHenry. The girls had lunch at Cafe Hon in Hampden and shopped a little...and I mean a little..... Cora wasn't in to the "grown ups" stores. Their last day with us we spent at a water park. It was an awful lot of fun, but after 4 hours of up the steps (some 4 stories high) and down the slides, hubby and I were exhausted!!!! But it was a GOOD exhaustion, and hopefully we created some fond memories for the kids. 

Our very own "hon" complete with beehive!!!

After we returned home, I needed some quiet activities so what better than some finishing!!! This first project I needlepointed about 7-8 years ago. I can't remember where I got the kit but think it was on E-bay. I fell in love with the autumn theme and colors--my faves!!! So, here is Gold Acorn Spectacles Case:

Next up is Pin Money Pocket by Summer House Stitch Workes:

Then, I put the pincushion part of Stitching By the Sea by Hands On Designs together. I did use Betsy Morgans joining technique instead of lacing through back stitches. I have to find some appropriate fabric to line the "basket" and the set will be complete. I also added OC to the top as Ocean City, MD is my favorite spot to "stitch by the sea".

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Such fun! Love "hon's" hair. ;)
    Is there a link to this joining technique?

    1. Vickie,
      No link I am aware of. I learned the technique in Betsy's classes. She is a wonderful te
      acher and if you ever get the opportunity--take a class with her.

  2. Cute cute projects! (& little one in wig)

  3. Glad you had fun with the grands. What a cutie your grand daughter is. Your finishes look great. I just love that Stitchng by the Sea pin cushion. We are able the same place with out prestitching.

  4. Glad to hear you had a fabulous visit with your grands! What lovely finished finishes you created! Your pre-work piece is looking good!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Looks like a fun time to me. Love the finishes. Good stuff!