Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rainy Day...finally

Some might find it odd to yearn for rainy days but I love them, especially when accompanied by thunderstorms. For some unknown reason, we have had little to none of either this summer. Rain has been very scarce, supported by the fact that the lawn has needed mowing only once in the last 45 days. But the fact that we have had NO thunderstorms ALL summer dismays me!!! I'm not sure how it happens, but they seem to hop right over us and land in the Baltimore/DC area. The same thing happens often in the winter with snow. Our theory is the storms, moving west to east, hit the mountains in Western MD which force the storm fronts up and over us---theory yet to be confirmed!!!

But, it has been raining here all day and I managed to get a little piece stitched and finished. I had done a few of these as gifts awhile back ( see post Feb.14, 2015) but finally got one done for me. Someone on Face Book had posted this idea and I ran out to Michaels and managed to snag a few of the lockets. Here is my "bee" version:

Oops!!! I might take that left side out and trim the mounting board--didn't notice the "bunching" until I saw the photo just now. Yikes!!! The stitched design is from a freebie called Bee Sure of My Love by Queenstown Sampler Designs. The right side is from a quilt fabric.

I have been moving along on Needleworkers Pocketbook by Amy Mitten. This is the flap. I love the colors and Amy's silk threads; her instructions are very detailed. 

I am hoping this rain will stop tonight since I'm planning on going to Boonesborough Days tomorrow in Boonsboro, MD. It's a great show with lots of crafts...and who knows... I may run into Nora Roberts!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Oh man! Your area sounds perfect for someone like me who suffers pain increases with each rain and drop in the barometric pressure.
    Sweet locket.

    1. Move on down--I'd love to have a fellow stitcher nearby!!!

  2. Way to go on your locket finish! Are the lockets in the jewelry or scrapbooking section of Michaels? Nice progress on the Amy Mitten piece. We haven't had many thunderstorms this summer either although the few we did have wrecked havoc including frying parts of our underground electric fence for the dog last week.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. I would have emailed you, but the link isn't working properly (my computer at fault.). Just wondering if you ever sell the charts that you have finished with, or do you like to keep them?