Monday, September 7, 2015

Pre-stitch for Jamboree.....check!

I am so far ahead of the game I can hardly stand myself!!! Yes, I have the pre-stitch done....and yes the class isn't until the second weekend in October. But it was so cute, I just had to jump on it!!! Can't wait until class and the finishing!

Class will be taught by Cathy of Hands On Design. She and JABCO are collaborating that weekend for three classes. Can't wait to see what we do!!!

Next up--I'm starting the Needleworkers Pocketbook by Amy Mitten. This will be a challenging piece but I am ready. I have it on scroll bars and have put the first stitches in. That's always my favorite part...putting the first bits of floss on the naked fabric. 

I've been posting a few things on FB to sell but have been buying more than I am selling. I bought some back issues of Fine Lines magazine yesterday, and today I bought one of the Grip and Stitch frames from a lady who had bought it but didn't care for it. I've been on the fence since April when I saw a couple stitchers using them at Salty Yarns. They seemed perfect for smaller sized pieces, keeping them very taut. I've mostly been an "in hand" stitcher, but it's getting harder and harder to "hold" just fabric and I thought I'd break down and give this a try. 

Well back to my stitching chair and a Happy Labor Day to all in the US.

Thanks for stopping by and your 'twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Adorable work! I love Cathy's designs.

  2. Yeah you! I am about a quarter of the way through the apple.

  3. Good for you! They are cute pieces and I look forward to seeing them finished after Jamboree. Look forward to seeing your new project!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. You rock! Great job at getting your pre-work done. Someday I am going to join you at a Salty Yarns event.