Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Cuppa to Go.............

Not a stitchy post today..... but a few great finds I thought I'd share that do relate to my stitching. Hubby and I went to a craft festival last weekend in Boonsboro, MD and I stumbled across some wonderful items. First up is some wonderful hand lotion in a bar by Millhouse Candles. I have bought beeswax from them in the past, but this was something new. I got Green Tea for a gift and Almond for me. It comes in a cute little tin and look how it's molded.....yep...that's a bee!!! Too darn cute!!!

 Next, we found a booth selling magnetic bracelets. Now I'm not sure I buy into the whole magnetic thing but thought the bracelets were beautiful and if it could work as a preventative for all the repetitive stitching motions, I'd go for it! Hubby got one too....and I'm still getting over that (his is dark midnight blue)! The little "balls" are the magnets spaced between the beads.

Last up I saw an adorable tea bag wallet (hence the cuppa to go title). I looked at it and realized I could make it myself with fabric I would love more. So, here is my version! It holds 6 tea bags and/or sweetener packs. It will be great to travel with me; the only problem is I like honey in my tea, but I'll have to work on that. Finished size (folded) is about 3 X 3 1/2.

 Well that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. That traveling tea holder is so clever and cute ~ congrats on figuring it out on your own!

  2. Love your 'finds' and I would be interested in hearing if you think the magnetic bracelet works. Either way, you have a pretty piece.

  3. Cool goodies... I like the idea of the tea holder... would be a lovely gift...thanks for the idea.

  4. What super finds, Stasi! Your bracelet is pretty. Interesting -- lotion in a bar. Does it leave a residue or waxy feeling to your hands? I think your tea holder would make a great gift.

    Robin in Virginia

  5. Pretty cool.


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  6. très joli ,bravo