Friday, September 29, 2023

Settling Back into My Routine.....


 It's been a few days of laundry, grocery shopping, errands, doctor visits, etc but I am finally back to my usual groove. I did manage to come home with a sinus infection with a bad cough,  so am on 5 different meds...... all but one short term. No wonder the pharmaceutical companies are making record profits!!! I have been stitching in the evenings and will share that a little later in the post.

 I first wanted to share some beautiful beaded pieces from a museum featuring indigenous peoples. We visited this museum while in Banff. Here you go:

Blanket for a dog...applique

Hide, fur and silk embroidered bag

Beaded leggings, necklace and bag

Beaded moccasins

Beaded saddle pad

Beaded pipe bag

Beaded Blanket strip

Woven Quill Arm Bands

 Things of beauty, aren't they?

Now to my stitching....I finished another Prairie Schooler Santa, year 2018. He is stitched on 40 ct. Dirty Newcastle linen over two.

I've also put it some time on my Samper September piece, Bristol Green, by Dutch Treat Designs..... 36 ct BOAF Sandpiper over one.

I bought this pair of project bags on a FB page...aren't they cute? Evidently Lori Holt has some pre-printed panels you can use to make two different sizes of bags. I like the two way zipper on them.

 To end, I want to share two interesting things I found on our trip. First was at O'Hare airport.....never seen anything like this before but sure wish it was around when my girls were babies.

The other thing were these wind diverters in Calgary...decorative but serving a purpose on the windy streets. There were colorful ribbons woven into the structures. You can the the huge spool where they originated from center left.



I think that's it for today.....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship. Have a great weekend!




  1. I'm sorry to hear that a sinus infection is one of the "souvenirs" of your trip! Hope you feel better very soon. I so enjoyed seeing the handiwork of Canada's indigenous people--just beautiful! Your PS Santa is so cute--I really need to get back to stitching those annual Santas. You certainly see some unique things at O'Hare :) When we were traveling right at the beginning of the pandemic, I saw a "Cannabis Amnesty Box" there, too!

  2. I hope you are feeling better.
    Love the indigenous artifacts.
    My niece & nephew are part Menominee Indian.
    She used to dance & had beautiful outfits, they are called Jingle dresses.
    Now her daughters dance.
    Great projects, bet if feels good to stitch again!

  3. What beautiful beaded pieces you saw and then shared, Stasi! Sorry to read about the sinus infection; hope you are on the mend soon. Your PS Santa is adorable. Happy October!

  4. There's nothing worse than sinusitis, so I hope the meds have done their work and you are on the mend by now.
    I remember seeing all that beaded work in the Banff museum. Such delicate work and such vivid colours, you can't help but be in awe of the time they mut have taken to stitch.
    Your PS Santa is adorable!!