Friday, September 8, 2023

Adding to the Sampler Jar.......


I stumbled across this idea the other day on FB. It prompted me to recall a band sampler I had started back when I lived in Cincinnati...many, many moons ago. I didn't get very far on it and knew it was staying on the back burner, so I decided to put it to better use. I cut it up into as many circles as I could and made buttons to add to my Sampler in a Jar. I managed to get a "J" and "K" which are my daughters initials, a "B" and "C" which are my married and maiden name initials, as well as an "R" for hubby.
My jar is filling up...slow but sure!
Yesterday I received my fall exchange package in the mail, and what fun opening it up. Here is a shot of what all was included. The candies were a little "soupy" after sitting in a mail truck all day, but a quick pop in the fridge and all was well!

The quilt hanging is wonderful and I can't wait to add to my fall decorations. 

Last night we had some crazy thunderstorms...lots of LOUD thunder and streaks of lightning. Hubby and I were sitting out on our screened porch when we saw what appeared to be a "ball" of lightning hit somewhere in our neigborhood. It was like red, yellow and bright....made us both jump!!! Not sure what, if anything was actually hit, but haven't checked our neighborhood FB page yet.....we shall see.
Hope you have a great upcoming weekend! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Your buttons look great and your jar is certainly growing.
    What a lovely exchange you received, you were certainly treated!
    We had quite the storm here too last night, lightning struck behind our neighbour's house and Nathan and I jumped too!

  2. That Bee jar is too cute, & filling up!
    Nice exchange goodies.
    I hope nothing serious from the lightning.

  3. What a great repurpose of your band sampler -- turning them into buttons for your jar! Well done! The wall hanging you received in your exchange package is lovely. I am glad the soupy candies didn't get on your exchange piece. I thought the light show from the storm last night was cool. I do hope there wasn't any damage in your neighborhood. Enjoy your Saturday!

  4. How cute is that little quilt!! You must have been so happy to open that parcel and receive all those beautiful things, even if the candies were not at their best.
    I love your sampler jar. I've seen the buttons done with an alphabet before but never a sampler cut up for them, what a great idea.